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Brand Credibility

Digital Branding is not only about building Identity and Visibility, but also about tying it all together to naturally foster Credibility.

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Discover how you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget by taking advantage of these packages:

Editing & Copywriting Services

Need copy for landing pages, banner ads, campaign materials, internal assets, lead generation emails and other sales-enablement collateral?

Product Research Services

We believe that new products are one of the most important applications of marketing research, but also one of the most difficult in practice.

Reputation Management Services

Build and maintain a solid reputation online. Don't allow malicious actors or disgruntled past-hires, just to name a few, to sink your boat. Be proactive!

Enabling You To Keep Copy Flowing

Editing & Copywriting Services

We employ creative storytellers who trained to use digital tools to create great content. Great copy leads to more clicks and more conversations – it’s likely one of the first entry points into your sales funnel.

From blog posts and email newsletters to whitepapers and eBooks, our copy ranges from top-of-sales funnel articles designed to increase awareness of your brand to bottom-of-funnel material designed to generate leads and drive conversions.

Identify Potential Successful Products Early On

Product Research

We believe that new products are one of the most important applications of marketing research, but also one of the most difficult in practice. New products can be concept-oriented or product-oriented.

In new product development, focal points must be established to have a chance of success. Focal points include defining the target market, determining the product category, and/or defining the problem or opportunity to be solved. In most cases, these focal points are management decisions.

Once the target audience is determined (even if it’s not completely accurate) and there’s an idea of the product category (or people’s needs), the first step is qualitative research. The goal is to develop a deep understanding of the target audience – their motivations, perceptions, fears and preferences. Perceptions of competing products can be explored. Unmet needs can be identified. New product ideas can be sought. Qualitative research is used to identify new product opportunities and refine the target market definition for those opportunities. Qualitative research is also useful for finding starting points for idea generation.

Build The Ideal Search Profile

Reputation Management

In the battle for brand comparisons, a good online presence can often give you the edge you need to overcome adoption barriers. A better reputation usually leads to more opportunities. Better PR, positive online content and shiny, earned reviews form a line of defense against negative content.

More than 91% of all online experiences begin with a search engine query, and nearly 69% of consumers trust search engines to assess a brand’s reputation. Building a strong search engine profile is a critical part of any online reputation management strategy.

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